Friday, September 28, 2007

What I Love About Our Home

Romantic Country Party

Karla at Karla's Cottage hosted a party on Wednesday, and I showed up late! But I couldn't resist the opportunity to show you some of my favorite spots in our home and tell you what I love about our house! Be sure you check out Karla's blog & the links to all the lovely can be late, too!

We have lived in our home for just over 2 years. It is the first home that Adventure Man and I have owned. My favorite part of our home is him and everything he does to make it "home". He is our yard man extraordinaire! He's learning all kinds of new skills as a homeowner, too. Our parents have been very helpful, as well. We're so grateful for our family and the investment they've made in our lives (and our home!).

dining room

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These first three pictures are in our red dining room. My parents blessed us with the lovely end tiger oak pedestal table that was in my family's home when I was growing up. I have always loved the table, and they gave it to me when I was in college. The tiger oak buffet was our "souvenier" from our mini-vacation to Hempstead, TX. It was just what we'd been looking for, and it was the deal of the century! The oval picture was on the wall of our family cabin for years. These pictures were taken last fall...we will get out our fall decorations this weekend, no matter how hot it is!

Adventure Man's grandmother blessed us with these beautiful Johnson Brothers dishes (The Road Home) as a wedding gift. I believe they were her grandmother's dishes. We absolutely love them. We have a few other Johnson Brothers patterns that were hers as well, but we have a complete set of these. The needlework of The Lord's Prayer belonged to AM's grandparents, as well. Some of the letters are faded. Some day I will see about getting it restored and properly mounted and framed.

Grandma plates

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The picture below shows our china cabinet (which belonged to my grandmother), as well as a few favorite pieces of "wall art" - an autumny cross (which we leave up all year) and a piece of oak leaf iron'll see more of that in the next picture.

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There is another piece of the oak leaf iron. We bought those at Canton, TX. I painted this one after I painted the kitchen walls green so it wouldn't blend in too much. This picture of a corner of our kitchen shows what is now one of my favorite parts of our house. When we moved in, we had old, dark, scarred butcher block formica. My brother gave us some beautiful travertine tile and mesquite trim. We just got the tin backsplashes installed, too. I love the way it all looks now!
new kitchen
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This is an old pie safe, given to my parents by an old friend, and then they shared it with us! I have no idea how many coats of paint it has on it. I've chosen to leave it "shabby-chic". See that pretty tea (coffee) set? And the Wilma Langhamer print to the left of it? Two of my favorite gifts from Adventure Man. Is he the best, or what?
pie safe

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The guest bathroom is nothing fancy...the sink and vanity are in the outer room. But I just love the way the colors and things work together in here. I painted that little shelf years ago...beat it up a little, added a vers. Inside the bottom shelf on the back wall of it there's an impressionist-style river scene, but you can't see it here because of the towels.
guest bath
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Here's a tiny peek at our bedroom. I love our bed. AM picked it out in his single days, intending for it to be a gift for his future bride! The dresser came from my family's antique store. The mirror was my grandma's. The topiary was part of our wedding decor, as were the candlesticks and the candle "basket" on the dresser.

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This is in my craft room, also called the "Grandma Room", because we have so many special treasures from our grandmothers in here! This table, lamp, Baylor bell & rock collection are from AM's grandmother. (She's in the pink dress in the little picture...that's at our wedding...and that's Adventure Man!)
Grandma room - table

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This little shelf above the windows has some perfume bottles that were my grandma's. She was an AVON lady. It also has some perfume bottles that AM gave me. The lady head vases were not my grandma's, but she had some like them, so I have these as a reminder! The little Irish girl doll was a gift from Grandma when I was very young.
Grandma room - shelf

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Sorry for such a long post. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I love about our house!

FFF's 9/28/07

FFF's 9/28/07
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Hmmm...looks like I need to do some creative writing prompts or something! All I seem to post are my Flickr faves! Well, here they are for this week.

Have no fear, I do have some posts up my sleeves...still processing right now!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Go forth and create!

Bird Pillow
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I love a crafty weekend, don't you? I actually started the weekend with a garage sale spree...more on that later...then spent the afternoon and evening on Saturday working on sewing projects.

Here is one of my weekend projects: another "upcycled" embroidered pillowcase. This one (and it's match) were a special order for my mother-in-law. Adventure Man (my sweet hubby) and I went to JoAnn's together to pick out this beautiful vibrant blue fabric and fun rainbow trim. This pillowcase set belonged to my husband's grandmother. I tried some new techniques this time...I think it came out pretty cute!

I have a nice spread of lovely fabrics hanging over the back of the loveseat in my craft many projects, so little time! I hope to have a new weekend project completed to report next week. Until then, go forth and create!

Friday, September 21, 2007

FFF's 9/21/07

FFF's 9/21/07
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2 FFF's in a row...Because I started late on the other one, and because I've had nothing better to say!

This week I've been into green, critters, colors and babies. See that leaf-y grasshopper? We had one on our apartment door several years ago. I think they're cool. I'm not generally into creepy-crawlies, but he was just so lovely! Same sentiment goes for that gorgeous spider web.

The couple in the "hamster wheel" is an engagement picture taken by this amazing photographer. I'd call it "head over heels"!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fun with Flickr (or FFF's on Tuesday!)

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I've wanted to learn how to do these mosaics, and just today figured it out! So here's my first FFF (Friday Flickr Favorites), on Tuesday!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

September Sky

september sky 3
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What a glorious display God painted across the sky tonight! It reminds me of this song we used to sing in college choir:

When I gaze into the night sky and see the works of His fingers, the moon and
stars suspended in space, oh what is man that You are mindful of Him?

Oh Lord, our God, the majesty and glory of Your name transcends the earth and fills the heavens.

The Majesty and Glory of Your Name

Words: Linda Lee Johnson; Music: Tom Fettke

You may recognize the lyrics from their original source:

3 When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon
the stars,
which you have set in place,

4 what is man that
you are
mindful of him,
the son of man that you care for him?

Psalm 8

Thank You, Lord, for revealing Your handiwork in such an amazing way!

Friday, September 14, 2007

And on the seventh post I rested

Whew! Setting up a blog is hard work! Please forgive the dust...I'm still learning and I know I will make mistakes. But I think I'm starting to "get into the groove". Now I need to get some rest so my creativity can be refreshed!


I just wanna squeeze this little girl! How precious is she? And well done, mommy and daddy for "training her up in the way she should go". I am so grateful for the loving godly instruction my parents gave to me, and I still depend upon the scriptures I memorized as a child. If only it still came so easy!

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

Li'l Birdie

birdie 2
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How cute is this little guy? We saw him in the grass 2 weeks ago, as we were getting ready to put the dog out. Normally we don't mess with little baby birdies, nests, or eggs, but we knew Reilly-dog would love this little one to death, and he seemed to be injured, or too young to fly, so we picked him up and put him in a safe place, on the fence. Or so we thought. Reilly threw herself against the fence, barking at the bird. So we carried him through the house to the front yard and placed him in a tree, where he happily hopped around. He eventually flew to the roof. Guess he wasn't a baby after all...or did we give him his first flying lessons?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Everything's Comin' Up Roses!

Rose Bag
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I made this tote bag for a dear friend of mine who loves roses. Being a "creativity junkie", I'm always trying new craft hobbies. I have to discipline myself so that I don't overspend on supplies. Since I am a novice seamstress, I can't afford to spend a lot on fabric, so I spent the summer collecting fabric from garage sales & from my mom. The plaid shown here is leftover from a futon cover we had made several years ago. I had TONS of it, as we bought all that the store had left from the clearance section for use in future decorating projects. I no longer have the futon, but I've made several things with this fabric! The red & green scraps are all from the stash my mom gave me. I didn't have the right color of olive thread, so I chose to use red to match the contrasting fabric.

I didn't use a pattern for this bag, I just "eyeballed" it. I love the freedom of sewing without a pattern. Here's a detail of the rose. I got the idea for the rose from this sunshine bag, created by iSew. Check out her blog and her etsy shop for cute "Handmade Handbags, Gadget Monkeys & Baby Gifts".