Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This is dedicated to the one I love...

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My sweetheart and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary. We were late bloomers...married at 32 (me) and 33 (him). But he was SO worth the wait! God provided just the right man at just the right time, and I am very blessed.

We were married in McAllen, TX (our hometown), on November 3, 2001. OK...so now you know how old I am. Oh well.


Our wedding had a fall theme, since we both love autumn. My brother & father sang, the girls group I used to sing with (Shekinah), sang, and Brian & I sang a duet for the unity candle. Both of our brothers and their entire families were in the wedding party. It was such a treasure to have all our nieces and nephews involved. Our flower girl (Brian's brother's daughter) dropped autumn leaves in the aisle, instead of flowers. The triplets, my brother's boys, were bell-ringers. They ran down the aisle just before me, ringing their bells and shouting "Aunt T, Aunt T"! They were almost two...and so adorable. Then the trumpet voluntary began, and I floated down the aisle on my father's arm, to meet my groom, my beloved.

Our home church is situated downtown on a block that also has an old city park and a historic hotel. The church & the hotel share Spanish-style architecture. We were married in the church, then led our guest on a stroll through the park to the hotel while friends played guitar and sang worship songs. It was perfect.

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We honeymooned in Estes Park, CO, and enjoyed beautiful sunny days for hiking, followed by a few days of snow! We had the best time. We're saving up to go back for our 10th anniversary.


Our wedding day was a wonderful, special day. We treasure it. But it was only the beginning. In our six short years, we've been through better and worse, but mostly better. We've grown up and matured and found ourselves in a deep, solid, steady love.

You were worth waiting for, my beloved. I thank God for you! I love the life we have together. To God be the glory!


Jay Anderson said...

Hey, you cut the best-looking groomsman out of the photo!

Jendi said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a beautiful wedding.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Does the Jendi in your church have a blog?

Jay Anderson said...

By the way, I had meant to wish you both a belated Happy Anniversary.

Tamara said...

Yeah, Jay, sorry about that...sorta felt like that whole "unity candle" thing was more important! But if it makes you feel any better, I cut my own brother out of it, too!