Wednesday, March 26, 2008

40 Wonderful Things about My Mr. Wonderful

My sweet husband, Brian, is celebrating his 40th birthday this weekend. In his honor, I present:
40 Things I Love About My Husband

1. He is a man of integrity.
2. He makes me laugh.
3. He makes other people laugh.
4. He is sensitive and thoughtful.
5. He has amazing blue eyes.
6. He is very smart.
7. Of course, he’s a very good driver. Seriously.
8. He washes the dishes!
9. He takes care of our home.
10. He takes good care of me.
11. He loves the Lord with all of his heart.
12. He cares about our government, our country, and our leaders.
13. He is wise and discerning.
14. He cares about our families and makes a special effort to make sure they know how much they are loved and appreciated.
15. He looks at God’s creation with excitement and wonder.
16. The way he plays with kids.
17. The way he loves and plays with our pets.
18. His sweet voice.
19. He is fun to be around.
20. He makes every day an adventure.
21. He cares very much about doing the right thing, and about honoring the Lord.
22. He is very responsible.
23. He is creative (even though he doesn’t think so).
24. He lets me watch American Idol (even though he doesn’t like it).
25. He is always thinking up sweet things to do for me.
26. He brings me wildflowers.
27. He loves learning.
28. He loves playing.
29. He loves “flying things”.
30. He loves laughing.
31. He loves plaid.
32. He has taught me to be bold and stretch myself.
33. He encourages me.
34. He takes care of our finances and is diligent about making wise decisions.
35. He always looks nice.
36. He likes to work hard.
37. He pays attention to details.
38. He puts up with me when I’m hormotional.
39. He’s not a football/golf/hunting junkie.
40. He’s mine. Forever. Amen.
Brian @ Falls
Happy Birthday, Sweetie. I love you! I'm so grateful for the gift of you!

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