Monday, April 6, 2009


Our friend, Natalie, has a fun post up about the phenomenon of taking photos amidst the Texas Bluebonnets. She's requesting photos of people in the bluebonnets, so take a look and send yours in!

A few years ago, we had an AMAZING crop of bluebonnets on 1604 near our home, and we had daily hordes of picture-takers, right off the highway. Because there's a nice slope, it was a popular place to take pictures. It was not unusual to see 10 or 15 cars parked alongside the road!

This year, we haven't had enough rain at the right time. We have tiny patches with 2 or 3 bluebonnets. Brian & I keep joking that we expect to see families laying in the grass next to the 3 bluebonnets!

These pictures are from 2 years ago, in Hempstead:

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