Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol Top 6 - on Broadway!

Tonight's Andrew Lloyd Weber night. Cool. I do love me some musical theatre!

Here's something to get us in the mood:

Is it just me, or does Andrew Lloyd Weber (hereafter ALW) have some really wacked out eyebrows? He reminds me of Mike Myers. Check it out:

OK...now that that is established, I will say that he seems to be very gracious. And in the world of musical theatre, he's a genius. He says his music is story driven - good - that's what these kids need work on. This should be fun.

Syesha Mercado - One Rock 'n' Roll Too Many - Seemed like she was a little off rhythmically on the entrance, but she caught up quickly. Looks smokin' tonight - cute, cute hair. Such a nice performance. A nice sassy feel. I'm so glad to see her get a chance to really show off. Though I'm still a David Cook "Cookie", I've liked Syesha all along, and I think she really showed her stuff tonight. And Broadway would be a great place for her. Well done!

Jason Castro - Memory - Wow...interesting choice for him. This is such an iconic song with Betty Buckley, that it's kind of a risk...wonder if he knew that! Nice in the islandy suit. Pretty. Not sure he understood it in context of Cats, but he put a nice spin on it. His breathing though? It's driving me crazy. He really needs to improve the breathing. I think that's standing between him and real success. I think Simon's comments were the most honest. It seemed like something he was being forced to sing. Oh sweet Jason, please get a vocal coach and work on the breath control. You'd be magnificent with that improvement!

"Our own resident glamourpuss, Simon Cowell." Funny, Ryan!

Brooke White - You Must Love Me - I love this song from Evita. My middle school choir sang it years ago. Bravo, ALW, for making her .....Oh, Brooke, it's rough when you flub the words. But you just have to keep going. At least she wasn't too far into it. I don't really like the way she's singing it line by line. It weakens the message, I think. It makes it look like she's trying to remember all the words. "Frightened you'll slip away" was my favorite line. Maybe because she looked frightened. I wish she'd worn her hair up in a bun...more severe and dramatic...a little less sunny. I think that would have helped her carry it off better. It was very nice, but it didn't seem right for her. And really, if you're going to sing musical theatre, you need to know what the song and character are about. I'm glad she didn't talk back to the judges. That's an improvement.

Side note: I can't stand the camera angle behind the waving hands. It's very distracting.

David Archuleta - Think of Me - Wow, I am really impressed with the advice that ALW gives. I think it's been very productive. WOWWWW, David, that was a GREAT spin on this song. Very contemporary and not musical theatre-y. A nice pop style...could be on the radio. That's my favorite David A. performance in several weeks!

Carly Smithson - Jesus Christ, Superstar - Good call, that. Very cool dress. It looked like she had fun with it. She kind of shouted the chorus, but it worked. It's not one of my favorite songs, but it was pretty good. I liked the t-shirt, though. And I really liked the dress.

David Cook - Music of the Night - What a nice departure for him. Maybe not the best performance of this song, but it did show that he's not a one-trick pony. Loved the final notes.

Favorite performances tonight: David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado.

Weakest performances tonight: I'm sorry to say it, but I feel that Jason and Brooke were the weakest of the night. Either of them could and should go.

Now go forth, quickly, to BooMama's. Because the Phantom of the Opera? He's there. Kidding. But all the best AI reviews can be found there!


Robin said...

I agree that it will be Jason or Brooke to leave next. I love them both but I think they have reached their limit of talent on the show.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your view of tonight's AI... You are very funny and I enjoyed looking around your blog.

Scott said...

I'm SOOOOO thankful you found these photos. Saved me the trouble. I think I shall link to here so people can see for themselves.

Mamacita said...

Great comments - and the comments on the eyebrows cracked me up! I knew that he reminded me of someone, I just couldn't put my finger on it! :)