Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm going GREEN in April


Well, just barely in April, and, well, just a little green. As in green plants. In my house. In my apothecary jars. Nah, I'm not really the crunchy type. I'm not even sure I "planted" these correctly. But they're awfully cute, doncha think?

I intended to put some potted herbs in my jars, but I couldn't find any in small enough pots. Then I saw these sweet succulents, and I had to have them. I tucked a bit of sheet moss in the bottom of each jar, then stuck the succulents in. I'm hoping for a terrarium effect...minimal watering...but I think you have to put charcoal or something like that in them to prevent mold growth. Anyone out there know about such things?

Here are the other 2 jars:
jar1 jar2

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