Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Country Night on American Idol - Top 11

I enjoy country music, so I'm really looking forward to tonight. I expect to know most of the songs, for a change!

Michael Sarver - Ain't Goin' Down - I loved it that he chose this kind of song, instead of a big power ballad. I liked seeing this fun side of him. I don't think he's the strongest vocalist, but he's very likeable.

Allison Iraheta - "Blame it On Your Heart" - Glad she holds up her fingers for "2-time" for us. Helpful visual aid. Agree with Simon on the "a bit tuneless" and "verging on precocious". She's a good performer, but I always feel like she oversings, and often shouts. Not my favorite.

Kris Allen - "To Make You Feel My Love" - Loved how he owned this tune. Sweet. Randy said, "Tender Moments from my dawg Kris." Well, that just says it all, doesn't it?

Lil Rounds - "Independence Day" - Aw, Lil, I just didn't love this. Dress was cute, but looked like a prom dress. It's good that she's trying to show her versatility, but I think she accomplished the opposite tonight. She sounded just a little square, a little awkward, and like she was afraid to be herself. I really like Lil. Hope she sticks around to bring it next week.

Adam Lambert - "Ring of Fire" - Loved it when Randy Travis said, "For me, I don't see men wearing nail polish that often..." Classic. Brian said it sounded like a drug-induced Doors song, and he thought Adam was showing too much cleavage. He said, "Johnny is rolling over in his grave." It's all a bit too Freddy Mercury for me.

Scott MacIntyre - "Wild Angels" - Wow, huge improvement with Scott's hair! Good advice from Paula about getting out from behind the piano and connecting with the audience. I liked this a lot better than last week's song choice.

Alexis Grace - "Jolene" - Such a melancholy song, and I like what she did with it. I hear Dolly, but it's fresher. I think she looks better than last week...classy. I like her less "dirty".

Danny Gokey - "Jesus Take the Wheel" - What's up with Danny? He was way off his game in rehearsal. Hmmm...I didn't love the performance as much as the judges and audience, even though I really like Danny and this song. This is such a departure for him to be so rough, I'm thinking there may have been behind-the-scenes issues...illness? stress? nerves w/Randy Travis? I expect to see him pull through and come back better than ever next week.

Anoop Desai - "You Were Always On My Mind" - Wow. Wow. Wow. I love this side of Anoop. What a nice song choice! Not a big Willie fan, but THIS I loved! Talk about a Tender Dawg! So sensitive. This was the best of the night for me! Simon said, "You just managed to go from zero to hero." I would so buy this recording.

Megan Joy - "Walking After Midnight" - Looks lovely tonight - wish I looked that good with the flu! Bless her heart! I thought the song was still a little kooky, but so much better than "Rockin' Robin".

Matt Giraud - "Small" - Gravelly and smooth at the same time. So very nice. Liked the suit. Really enjoyed this song, except for the last note, which was just a little flat.

Favorites tonight - Anoop, Matt, & Kris.
Least favorites tonight - Megan, Adam, Allison

Hope they bring their game next week - Lil and Danny

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Smoochiefrog said...

Freddie Mercury! That's it! I was trying to figure out who he was channeling during that performance and that's who it was!

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Visiting from BooMama - HI!
Great recap!

Lori said...

Well said.

Sturgmom said...

My husband compared Adam to Freddis Mercury, too. That was WAY too over-the-top for me last night. I'm all for different, but Adam needs to tone down the oogey-factor a notch.