Friday, January 18, 2008

I've Been a Very Good Girl

Show and Tell

At least someone (or several someones) must have thought so! I just wanted to show off a couple of the special things that I received this Christmas (and this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg!) for my first Friday "Show and Tell" post.

Firs is a handmade mesquite cross, a gift from my brother & his family. My brother is truly an artist, and designs and builds the most beautiful mesquite doors and furnishings. Check out his website! This cross will hang with our collection.
mesquite cross

There are several special new things in this picture. At Thanksgiving, I was browsing this catalog at my Mom's house. I showed a few neat things to Brian. I wasn't asking for them, mind you. I was merely admiring. Well, wouldn't you know that my smart, thoughtful, dear man made a mental note about them. Then, when his mom asked for ideas for me, he passed them on to her. I'm a lucky girl, yes I am. Anyway, the lovely pinecone mantle scarf (pinecones are a year-round theme in our home) and the 3 harvest-themed pottery bowls (harvest is also a year-round theme for us) were special gifts from my mother- and father-in-law. new things
Brian also surprised me with some wonderful boots from Coldwater Creek that I I'll edit in a picture of those later. Just know they're awesome, ok?

Finally, from Mom & Dad, this really pretty set of apothecary jars. I plan to change their contents seasonally.
They also gave me a new wireless printer, you know. I am very spoiled. Very lucky. Very blessed. And yes, I was a very good girl.


Kari & Kijsa said...

Love all he goodies! You have definitely been a good girl! ...and apothecary jars we ove- always ready to be filled with endless possibilities!

kari & kijsa

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

aahh a new printer!! good for computer and blogging related topics!! :-)

Kathleen Grace said...

Ooh, very pretty! You got some great gifts! Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to visiting you too:>)

Michelle said...

Love your blog site too, and yes, as you can tell, I am very new to blogging myself... Curious, how did you find me? I thought I had a total of 2 readers...ok, make that 3!

I am up in the Stone Oak area, where are you in SA?

Michelle said...

Cool! I totally LOVE the nesting blog. I just have to pop in every so often to see just what that chick is up to!

My daughter went to Parkhills MDO a year or so ago. Where do you work?

Kelly said...

I love those apothecary jars! I have one that is just like it! They are so cute!
Thank you for your sweet encouraging comment! I pray for you also - I can't imagine how hard it is waiting to adopt - but I pray you won't give up hope that your perfect child is coming!!!!