Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fireproof Your Marriage

We're a Netflix family. We rarely go to the theater to watch a movie, because we find it hard to fit into our budget. In light of our current financial situation, it's especially difficult to justify spending money on a movie at the theater. But God blessed us last week with a $20 gift card to HEB (our local grocery store) - a reward for giving blood twice in the summer. We used it for groceries, which freed up $20 cash from our grocery budget. Make sense? I tell you all of this so that you will know that it is worth your money and your time to go to the theater to see this movie.

We've been anticipating the release of Fireproof: the Movie for a few months. We really wanted to support this movie on its opening weekend, and were delighted when we had the financial opportunity to go see it. Let me tell you, we are so glad we did! Brian and I have a good - a blessed marriage. We are grateful for God's hand in our marriage. It is not without struggles, and it is hard work, but God had made our home happy, even in trying circumstances. Still, this movie was such an encouragement to me to continue to seek ways to bless my husband. We both laughed, and were both moved to tears (though Brian fought them and gave himself a headache!). And we were not alone. Men and women throughout the theater were both laughing and crying. Kirk Cameron stars in this movie, and he was spot on. His acting really elevated the quality of the movie.

Fireproof is the story of Caleb, a fireman, and his wife Catherine. Their marriage is struggling, and they are ready to give up. Caleb's father challenges him to a Love Dare - 40 days of acts of love toward his wife. Given the quality of their marriage, each day is quite a challenge, and Caleb is discouraged. But he sticks with the challenge, and ultimately learns a true, sacrificial love for his wife. I don't want to give too much away, because I want you to see this movie and to experience the blessing for yourself!

We spent the rest of the evening talking about how moved and blessed we were by the movie. We thanked God for our marriage and prayed for marriages of our loved ones.

This is an excellent date movie. There's plenty of manly-man testosterone fireman stuff, including some gut-busting humor. But girls, you'll find plenty to cry and sigh over. Please make plans now to go see it!


Liz said...

I have heard so many good things about this! Thanks for the rec.

Tamara said...


It would be a great date night!