Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You?

It was less than 2 months until our wedding, so that season was especially vivid for me. 9/11 is bookmarked in my memory of our wedding plans. I was standing in my bedroom, curling my hair, when I saw the first report on Good Morning America. Just a little later, I was in the office when I heard on the radio that Building 2 had collapsed. Brian was working upstairs, and I called him. He came down the stairs, and we both stood there, with tears streaming down our faces. I remember vividly the shock and horror as each new report came in. My whole family worked together at that time, and we spent the day listening to the radio and joining together for frequent and fervent prayer for our nation, for the families of the victims, for our President, for the emergency personnel and others who were on the scene helping.

I have not forgotten that day. I am grateful for the relative safety I enjoy as an American. I am grateful that God has allowed me and my loved ones to live in a land where terrorist attacks are not a daily occurence. I am grateful to the men and women who give their lives to govern our nation, to protect us from attack. I am grateful to the men and women who give their lives to fight for the safety and freedom we have. I am grateful that our nation so values life and liberty that we memorialize the day when life and liberty were stolen. We must not forget.

In the days and weeks immediately following 9/11, I remember watching people turn to God. I rejoiced to see people seeking the One who is bigger, the One who is Sovereign, the One who is Mighty to Save. Let us not forget that Jehovah God is still the protector. He is still the One we must turn to in our distress. And if our shores have been peaceful these 7 years, we must thank Him above all. We must not forget the One who holds ALL of our days in His hands.

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kirstinw said...

Your memories of the day are so vivid. I remember that I was remodeling the master bathroom in our first house that week. Flora had just moved out of the house and I was trying to start making it our home. I did nothing that day but sit and cry in front of the TV.

Thanks for the great words that you share about our blessings given to us by the One who saves and protects us. We should all be as vocal about the priviledge we have to live in a country that God is actively working to grow his army!