Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Brother!

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Here's something else that's new to our home! It has taken up residence in my craft room. It's a Brother Innov-is 1500D. I'm just learning to use it. I will be taking some classes on Machine Mastery in October, and will follow those up with the Embroidery Mastery classes. But I've already been working on it.

Jamie embr
I did this little bit of embroidery last weekend, and later attached it to a cute shoulder bag for a friend's birthday. I'm very pleased with the new machine and I'm looking forward to creating some items to sell, to help pay for it!


kirstinw said...

Oh me, oh my! That is the coolest machine! I don't know much about sewing machines but I do know that you will be creating some pretty awesome things with that little beauty. I can't wait to see your online craft store (that is a hint - you should start selling your handcrafted masterpieces)!!!

Tamara said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to get there soon!

lindah said...

I'm so proud of what you've learned already! Can't wait to see what the lessons do. You go, girl!