Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quirky Old Meme

I'm beginning to think I should have named my blog "Ponderous in my Heart", because I'm so pokey at posting! My friend, Natalie, tagged me for a meme (my first!) way back in June, but I put it off until I had a recent picture of myself, and then forgot all about it! Natalie is the wife of my husband's college roommate. Confused? That's ok...both of our husbands are named Brian, so it's confusing whenever we're together! She is a much better (more interesting) blogger than I am, and a much better writer! They've been overseas for several years. We're looking forward to them being back here in Texas!

Well, here's a recent picture:

And here's the meme:

5 Quirky Things About Me:
The rules: Post 5 quirky things about yourself. Post a recent picture so we can all look at you and laugh as we read about how interesting (weird) you are.
  1. I am totally addicted to hand lotion. Whenever I wash my hands or get them wet at all (like when I put detergent in the washing machine), I have to put lotion on before I can touch fabric or paper. If I don't, I get chills from the icky feeling of my dry skin! And it can't be just any lotion. I prefer Curel, but will use Aveeno in a pinch.
  2. I don't like lotions with heavy fragrance. I don't like to smell the fragrance everytime my hands are near my face. I love fragrances, but just not on my hands! I love Bath and Body Works, but please don't give me lotion from there!
  3. I have "A Song for Every Occasion". Truly. I always have a song in my head, and I have this little word-association thing going on that causes me to have songs popping into my head all. the. time. So I gave my insanity a name, and I pretend it's a game, rather than a sickness! (I got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu. See what I mean? I'm sick.)
  4. I LOVE school supplies. Always have. I get a little rush in early August when they start stocking the stores with crayons and pencil boxes and Elmer's glue. One year my good friend gave me a box of school supplies for a Christmas gift. I loved it!
  5. I have a precious kitty, Jazzy, who is 16 1/2 years old. She is incontinent and has recently gone blind, but I love her to pieces. She is the sweetest natured cuddly kitty ever. Just look at her:

Where am I?
These are her sisters, Gracie (my cat by marriage!) and Reilly (our little red dog):
Grace reilly 010

Now, I'm supposed to tag someone, so I choose Kirstin. But if anyone else happens by here and wants to do this meme, jump in! What's quirky about you?

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Natalie said...

good one! i love that picture of you. tell brian that brian was excited about his new job.