Friday, October 24, 2008

Welcome to my Pumpkin Party

Oh, I've been meaning to post on this for several weeks now, but life has kept me awfully busy! Several weeks ago, I invited my coworkers (several ladies) over to our house for a Pumpkin Party. We try to get together a couple of times a year for an outside-of-work gathering. Whenever possible, I like to make it craft-based because, well, I like crafts! So this time the plan was to make these glittered pumpkins. How hard could it be? Paint on the glue, shake on the glitter, right? Ahem. Let me just tell you that this glitter, while beautiful, has the consistency of cornstarch. As in, it coated everything in a 1/2 mile radius, except the pumpkins! Oh well, we had a good time anyway. Here's one of the few that I made: glitter pumpkin

I wanted to make sure all the ladies went home with something they were happy with. So, on the off chance that the glittered pumpkins didn't work out, I came up with these little cuties.
Pumpkin Fall @ Home
These are so simple. Just make a largish yo-yo (mine were about 9"), stuff with fiberfill, add a twig and a leaf, then cinch up your yo-yo and tie off the thread. After that, you can create segments or grooves on your pumpkin by wrapping ribbon or yarn around it. So easy!

We ate a yummy supper of Chili and this White Chili from A Year of Crockpotting, plus cornbread, homemade applesauce (also from A Year of Crockpotting) and pumpkin bread. I made souvenier "napkins" by embroidering cheap washcloths (7 for $2) for each lady. In the end, everyone went home with a glittered pumpkin, a stuffed pumpkin, and a pumpkin "napkin":
Pumpkin Party

I think a good time was had by all. And yeah, I'm still finding glitter all over my house! Sparkly.

What special Pumpkin activities have you been up to?


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Please move by me and be my friend. I need your creative juices! :) Well, actually, I really just want to be a friend who gets sent home with stuff; the creative juices would just sit in me; I have no talent. :)

Tamara said...

That is SO not true! You have the creative writing talent that I wish I had. I have nothing interesting to say, so I just post a bunch of pictures!