Friday, October 19, 2007

FFF's 10/19/07

fff's 10/19/07
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Forgot to do this last week, but I've been very inspired by some of this craftin' cuteness!

The four corner pics are the work of the talented hollydoodle. Click here for her shop+blog.

I'm loving the little felt pumpkin & cat, the outrageous-colored owl, and the funny little turkey. The pilgrim hat placecards are on the agenda for our Thanksgiving craft, Cody. Sound good?

And I'm just about to jump into that center picture - my favorite picture this week. I love me some autumn!


Freckled Nest said...

tamara! you're a GENIUS!!! I LOVE THAT FONT! LIKE, I MEAN I LOVE IT I'M GONNA MARRY IT kinda love it!
i'm downloading it right now!!!
LA :)

with a grateful heart said...

what a great idea! I feel a coffee craving coming on. They are lucky bosses1