Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Now We're Cooking!

recipe box 1
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One of my favorite kinds of crafting involves taking an old or discarded item and giving it a new purpose. While I'm on the topic of recipes, I thought I'd share this little recipe box and coordinating cards that I just "repurposed" into a gift.

I picked up the cute tin at a thrift store and knew right away it was begging to be a recipe box. It was just the right size! I took it home and scanned the side of it, then Photoshopped it a little to age it. Then I sent it to Publisher and faded it to make it the background of the recipe cards (you can't see it very well in these pictures). I also Photoshopped the big rose and put it on a black background. I added that to the recipe card and the magnet. I also included tabbed divider cards.

Here's the top view:
recipe box 2

What have you "breathed new life" into?

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with a grateful heart said...

this turned out great....glad I got to see it from start and now to finish! Hope she loved it. You inspire me.