Friday, October 5, 2007

FFF's 10/5/07

FFF's 10/5/07
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So here are my Flickr Friday Fave's for this week. This collage has a sort of vintage feel to it.

I love, love, love that little embroidered birdie. You must check out LittleLovelies' other lovelies!

And I'm starting to feel the fall love, even though it's still quite balmy here in Texas. I wanna sit in the pumpkin patch and sing with those two cuties! Would you look at those GORGEOUS heirloom tomatoes? Yum. And the litle acorns in the bottom left corner are really sweet glass beads by Lori Flanders. I love them!

So many pretty finds on flickr this week, but my favorites are the puppy dog paw and the 2 hands on the top row.

Tune in this weekend for some seriously yummy autumn recipes!

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