Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cool Cats...and Dogs!

A week or two ago, we had several very cold and windy days. Normally, we leave our dog, Reilly, outside while we're at work. She has a very insulated doghouse, courtesy of Brian's brother (thanks, Blake!), and she enjoys being outside where she can chase the squirrels. One day was so cold, however, that I worried about her. Yet, keeping her inside in her kennel all day didn't sound much better. I started thinking about buying her a sweater. Now, our dog is kind of rough-and-tumble. It's hard to picture her in a cutesy dog outfit. And Brian wouldn't have it! But when I saw her shivering inside, in her kennel at night, I decided we had to do something! I went to the closet & pulled out a really old pair of sweatpants. I stuck her head down the leg and pulled it out the foot hole. Brian was cracking up! Next, I felt for her feet and cut little holes for each front foot. Finally, I cut around her belly, in front of her rear legs. She seemed to really like it. It's a pitiful sweater...kind of like Charlie Brown's Halloween costume...but she's awfully cute in it. I convinced her to model it for you:
Baby, It's Cold Outside Baby, It's Cold Outside
Isn't she a cutie?

Not to be outdone, Grace decided to strike a pose as well:
Gaze Upon Me

And then the kitties tried to tell us that they could use sweaters too....but they made do by snuggling with Brian:

Maybe we should've turned on the heater!

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