Tuesday, May 6, 2008

American Idol - The Final Four

That would be Top 4. I must say, I'm about ready to wrap this thing up. Crown the Davids and let's be done, ok? Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should give us a little more variety. Let's get started, shall we?

David Cook - Hungry like a Wolf – I liked the “doo doo doo” part. I just love the way he makes eye contact with the audience. I hear a little bit of pitchiness tonight, and I had trouble making out the words. Plus, what is going on with the back of that boy’s head? I thought this was less vibrant than some of the other songs. I agree with Randy. I’m a little creeped out at Paula’s comments.

Syesha MercadoProud Mary – Hmmm….taking on another icon? This could be bad news. She looks amazing. OK…those pitch problems just persist, don’t they? She’s a great performer, but the vocals are still very important! Does anyone else see a little bit of Halle Berry in Syesha? Especially when she gets emotional.

Jason Castro - I Shot the Sheriff - Ha! "Go figure" cracked me up! I'm not a Bob Marley fan, but this is Jason's vibe. He seemed to be enjoying it more than he has in weeks. I really didn't hate it as much as the judges did. I liked that he had fun with it.

David Archuleta - Stand By Me - I wish David's stylists would help him get a slightly more mature look. I'd like to see him in a tailored untucked button down shirt, not these skater clothes...still youthful, but with a little more substance. Let's get Clinton Kelly on the scene. Anywho. LOVED the vocals tonight. I liked this song for him. Ha Ha! "Their faces scare me" also cracked me up!

David Cook - Baba O'Riley - Man, how lame am I? I have never heard of this song, but I thought this was cooler than the first song. The pitchiness is still there, but not as pronounced. Is it just me, or does he look stressed and exhausted tonight? Still, he is consistently cool and a great performer.

Yeehaw for the Rascals! Love me some Rascal Flatts!

Syesha Mercado - A Change is Gonna Come - Nice job, Syesha. Seemed to have a little issue on the last line, but very, very nice. Pretty dress (but it needs a little hanky there in the neckline). That is a seriously groovy Syesha poster in the audience. I disagree with Randy. I actually liked this better than the first song. I think Paula was right on the money (and surprisingly lucid tonight). Glad to hear Simon agrees!

Jason Castro - Mr. Tambourine Man - Oh no. So sorry Jason. I had high hopes than you could outshine Ms. Syesha and stick around another week...for the sake of the Aggies. But you just can't blank out on words in the top 4. There's just no room for that. But I still like you. I would love to see you in your real element. Do you wanna come lead worship in our church one Sunday this summer? Seriously. Have your people call my people.

David Archuleta - Love Me Tender - Oh, how sad is it that David doesn't know "Love Me Tender"? Hey...how did the stylists read my post before I even posted it? Much better look. Poor baby, he looks a little pained. He needs to let David Cook teach him how to make eyes at the audience. But those vocals? Absolutely glorious. Chills. Well done, young David.

I was prepared to love David Cook tonight, but I really liked David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado the best tonight.

Jason, keep the faith. Keep singing. It's been fun watching you.

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Mamacita said...

I was thinking Syesha looked like Halle Berry, too! Especially with her hair straightened. Good post - agree with you on Jason. Love him in his element but he flubbed tonight!

Pajama Mama said...

Me too!! I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it...but Halle Berry. Yes.

I think you can expect to hear from Jason's peoples this week...he'll be looking for some gigs. But, we'll be the first ones to buy his cd if he keeps it folksy.

Blessings, Jeannie

Headless Mom said...

I told HD the same thing about Archie's outfit for the first song...a nice white button down shirt, and maybe a skinny tie to round out the '50's feel of his choices. :-)

His Doorkeeper said...

Jason is kind of a goofy but loveable kind of guy, isn't he? I'd love to be there the day he cuts those dreads and see what kind of guy he could look like! How does he keep those clean? I'd love to know!