Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jason Castro - Live from College Station?

OK, honestly? When Jason Castro sang Hallelujah? I totally wanted him to win, then and there. Since that week, I don't think he's been as strong, but there's still something very likeable about him. I don't see him winning this whole she-bang, but I'd love to see him make it through this week. Why? Because the top 3 get to have a "home town concert", and Jason's will be in College Station. On the A&M campus. How cool is that? My sweet friend Julie (who introduced me and Brian, so I owe her!) sent me this email that is being distributed to Aggieland:

All – I wanted to make you aware that we will have American Idol here on our campus next Thursday, provided that Texas A&M student and Rockwall native Jason Castro makes the top 3 finalists during the Tuesday and Wednesday’s shows. This will be an incredible opportunity to showcase Texas A&M for a national TV audience of about 33 million viewers.

As the plan stands today, Jason and the American Idol crew will arrive at Easterwood Airport on Thursday, May 8, at 5 p.m.; then he will perform a 1-hour outdoor “concert” at 7 p.m. on the steps of the Academic Building. As part of the concert, we will have a mini Yell Practice to showcase some of what makes Texas A&M a special place. We have engaged many campus units today regarding this opportunity, and we will start some promotion of the event this afternoon via social network sites such as Facebook.

For all of this to happen here on our campus, of course, is that Jason will have to perform well and get his share of the 45 million votes that will be cast. We’re hoping Aggies will help boost his numbers. The event continues to evolve and plans are moving quickly. We’ll keep you updated if anything changes drastically, and let me know if you have any questions.

Jason Cook, APR
Vice President for Marketing & Communications
Division of Marketing & Communications
Texas A&M University
So...for the love of Texas...(and Aggieland)...and for my friend Julie, please give a little voting love to Jason tonight!

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